To create page designs with Creative Elements, we use 3 types of elements: Sections, Columns and Widgets. Combining these elements lets you design and compose very complex web pages. You can control and edit the appearance of each of them. Sections are the largest building blocks, and inside them are groups of Columns. Columns sit inside of Sections and are used to house the Widgets. Widgets are placed inside of Columns. You control the Section, Column, and Widgets with their handle.

Main areas
Handle icons

Handle icons lets you:

  • Edit and customize each of the elements.
  • Move an element up or down the page.
  • Duplicate, add, save, or delete an element.

Let’s get to know our elements.


A section is the most basic element that you can work with. It's the building block of every page. A section can be set as full width and spread all over the screen, or receive the content area width (by default). After you create a section you can drag and drop a widget inside. You can also divide each section to few columns. Every page you create can contain as many sections as you want. You can drag a section above or under another one to relocate it.


Every section includes one or more columns. You are able to insert your content inside each column. You can easily arrange and order the columns, simply by dragging and dropping them.


Widgets are different UI items, which enable a user to perform a function or just display information. You can insert Widgets inside Columns, a Widget width is set by the Column width.

Here is the list of the currently available widgets:

  • Columns Widget
  • Heading Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Text Editor Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Button Widget
  • Divider Widget
  • Spacer Widget
  • Google Maps Widget
  • Icon Widget
  • Image Box Widget
  • Icon Box Widget
  • Image Carousel Widget
  • Icon List Widget
  • Counter Widget
  • Progress Bar Widget
  • Testimonial Widget
  • Tabs Widget
  • Accordion Widget
  • Toggle Widget
  • Social Icon Widget
  • Alert Widget
  • Menu Anchor Widget
  • Featured Products Widget
  • Product Carousel Widget
  • Image Slider Widget
  • Email Subscription Widget
  • Category Tree Links Widget
  • Module Widget
  • Creative Slider Widget (only if Creative Slider module is enabled)
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