Handle icons

  • Drag Section: Move the Section up or down with a simple drag & drop
  • Duplicate: Duplicate the Section with only one click
  • Save: Save the section into your Template Library
  • Remove: Delete Section from page

Layout Tab

  • Stretch Section: Force the Section to stretch to the full width of the page
  • Content Width: Set the Content Width to Boxed or Full Width. When choosing Boxed - use the slider to set your width
  • Columns Gap: Set your Columns Gap
  • Height: Choose between Fit to Screen: Your section will fill the screen, and Min Height: Set a Min Height, and use the slider to set your section height
  • Content Position: Set your Section Content Position
  • Structure: Choose one from the predefined layouts

Styles Tab

Background (Normal & Hover)

  • Background Type: Choose between None, Classic or Video Background

Border (Normal & Hover)

  • Border Type: Set a Border Type
  • Border Radius: Set your Border Radius
  • Box Shadow:Add a Box Shadow


  • Set Typography Colors for the Section: Heading, Text, Link, Link Hover
  • Set the Text Align for the Section
  • Box Shadow:Add a Box Shadow


  • Margin: Control the outer space of the section.
  • Padding: Control the inner section spacing. You can set different padding for left, right, top and bottom.
  • Entrance Animation: Click the dropdown to choose an animation.
  • CSS Classes: Set custom CSS Classes for your section


  • Reverse Columns: Allows you to switch the order of the columns (Great for Mobile)
  • Visibility:Show or Hide your section on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile
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