Faster, Better, Prettier

Both the admin interface and front-end sliders load faster and perform better. This release has numerous bug fixes and improvements. So much actually, that we can't even write a complete list. The admin interface has also been redesigned a bit to provide familiar but much cleaner and easier controls.

Reworked Responsive Mode, New Slider Layouts, Device Dependent Layouts.

The new responsive mode performs significantly better and in most cases it does not require any special configuration. Creative Slider now also have multiple new layout modes like full size, hero screne and full screen sliders. These will allow new use cases such as running slideshows on billboards. It's also possible to make different layouts for different devices (phones, tables, desktop).

New Transitions, Text Animations, Loop, Hover, Filters and a lot more

We've added lots of new transition options, which greatly extends the capabilities of your slideshows. You can now create chainable multi-step animations enhanced with stylish text transitions and interactive hover animations. There's also hidden surprises like the much requested Ken Burns effect, 3D parallax effect, and our new "play by scroll" feature. Oh, and don't forget to try out filters, which can be used to apply blur, sepia, grayscale etc. effects to your layers among many other.

Static Layers

Layers can now enter and leave on any slide. You can easily build more complex animations where layers persist across multiple slides. Or just use it as an "always on top" feature.

Undo and Redo

Web apps usually don't have controls to undo unwanted/accidental changes. Creative Slider now has. And it's even preserved for later use, whenever you need it.

Multi-selection, Resize, Rulers + Guides

Do you ever wanted to move around multiple layers and once? Creative Slider 6 now supports multiple selection, which allows you altering groups of layers seamlessly. With rulers and keyboard shortcuts, you can now move/resize/etc your layers with precision. There's also Guides and a snap to feature built in.

Keyboard shortcuts & Popout Editor

The slider builder interface can now be controlled by keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts also introduces a lot of new features, like editing layers content right in the preview area or copying and pasting layers across slides and sliders. We've also introduced the Popout Editor, which transforms the layer options area into a floating window that can be resized and placed wherever you want. This makes it extremely easy to edit everything in one place, without the need to scroll up and down constantly.

Image Editor

With the help of Adobe's Creative SDK, Creative Slider 6 now has a built-in image editor. You can perform common tasks like resizing, cropping, rotating images, as well as photo retouching, adding frames, text, effects, stickers and a lot more. It's like a mini-Photoshop.

And a lot more ...

There's way more new features and improvement that we can list here: scheduled sliders, retina-ready, serving dynamically scaled images to reduce data usage and speed up page loads on mobile devices, redesigned transition builder with import feature, continuous live previews, new interactive timeline, reworked multimedia layer support with custom video poster and controls, custom HTML attributes, drag 'n' drop image upload, smart links, copy & paste layer styles and transition settings, named slides, new slider/slide background settings, auto-fit zoom, align layers feature.

The number of new features almost never end, but this list must. :)

The future of Creative Slider

Creative Slider 6 is just the beginning of our awesome new ideas. One of the main goals was to completely rebuild the plugin architecture and modernize its core. This allows us to implement new features way more faster and improve upon existing functionality with an easily maintainable code base. Beyond the predictable feature updates like the complete overhaul of skins, dynamic contents, etc (which will arrive very soon); we already have an experimental offline slider editor and preliminary support for Creative Slider extensions. This later one will soon be available for anyone to extend the plugins capabilities.

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