In this section you will find settings which are related for the slider's behavior.

The slider settings section contains hidden options which can be displayed separately. The main goal is to remove clutter from the user interface, since these options control overly specific features, or they meant to be used by experienced users. You can display these options with the switch on the upper right corner. These parameters will be marked similarly, as this text in the whole documentation.
Slideshow settings
Slideshow settings

Slideshow behavior

With Start with slide you can define which slide will be the first one, when the slider loaded. By default its value is 1.

Start slideshow means that the animation of the slider will be started immediatelly after the page loaded.

If the Pause layers option enabled the layer transitions will not start playing until the slideshow is in a paused state.

When Start in viewport option enabled the slider's animation only start when it will be visible on your display. This could be useful, when you need that the animation only starts when the user scroll down to the specified area.

Pause on hover will stop the slider on the current slide, until you leave the slider area with the mouse. With its option's setting you can define what will happen to the layer transitions and loops in case of pause.

Slideshow navigation

Keyboard navigation enables you to control the slider with the arrow keys of your keyboard. Left arrow key for the previous slide, and the Right arrow key for the next slide. Touch navigation is quite similar, but in this case left and right swipe will be equal with arrow keys on touch-enabled devices.

Play by scroll

If you Enable then you will be able to create layers which will move when you use the scroll to up/down. Its speed can be also adjusted here.


With the cycles input you can define how many times will the slider played. 0 value is for infinitive loops.

Force the number of cycles means that the slider will always stop at the given number of loops, even if someone restarts slideshow.

Other settings

Slider can play in-and reverse with the two way slideshow option.

The shuffle mode will randomize the slides.

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