When you would like to create more layers with the same Style or Transition settings you don't have to copy the values one-by-one, because there is a built-in tool for that.

How to use that

You can find the copy and paste icons under the styles. Just create a style for a layer, then click on the copy button. Then create a new layer, or select from the existing ones, click on the style tab, then to the paste icon. As you can see now it has the similar settings. In case of the transitions, you can copy each type into the similar type on another layer, so you can copy the Opening transition from a layer into another one's opening transition, as an example.

Copy Style Settings
Copy Style settings
Copy Transition Settings
Copy Transition settings

Will it also works between 2 different slider?

Of course it will work between your (same) browser's tab. Imagine that you have seen a cool transition in one of our demo slider. You just import it, then open for edit. After that you create your own, or open a previously created slider, where you would like to have that animation. So click on the demo slider's tab, select the layer, click on the transition tab, then on the copy button. Now navigate back to your slider's browser tab, select the layer, then the transition tab, and finally the paste button. And now you have the same transition as in the demo slider.

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