Appearance / Layout Settings
Appearance / Layout Settings

Here you can define all the settings which are related for the popup's position, dimensions and margins.
Using the Choose Preset button you can select one of the predefined layouts with only a click.

Layout presets
Layout presets

All layouts are responsive, they will keep the desired Width and Height until it is possible. So if you are using a device which resolution is smaller than the popup's dimension, that the popup will be resized, as well as all elements on that, so it will fit for all screen sizes. Full size mode will show your slider in full page mode, so the slider will fit on full screen on any device.

By default you can align the popup to 9 different layouts. But with the combinations of Fit screen size and Align popup to options you can reach a very wide Layout variety as you can see bellow.

Possible aligns
Default aligns
Possible layouts
Combined layouts

With the Distance from sides options you can set the margins of the popup. It only has effect when your popup is next to the side of the screen.

Other settings

If you turn on the Show advanced settings switch then you will some hidden options at the bottom of the page

The Maximum responsive ratio parameter means that the popup will not enlarge your layers above the target ratio. The value 1 will keep your layers in their initial size, without any upscaling.
The Clip slide transition choose on which axis (if any) you want to clip the overflowing content (i.e. that breaks outside of the slider bounds).
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