When you will work with pages and layers, you may notice that some option can inherit values from higher up the hierarchy. Layers can inherit option values from pages, and in the same manner, pages can inherit values from popup global options. This gives you an opportunity to have a master switch to control certain settings. For example, instead of setting the sizing mode for each page background one by one, you can just leave them on the value inherit, then set only one option in here. We're using the inherit value by default for the options where it makes sense, so you don't have to bother with that. Just keep in mind that you can control some options from a central place.

The More Settings section contains hidden options which can be displayed separately. The main goal is to remove clutter from the user interface, since these options control overly specific features, or they meant to be used by experienced users. You can display these options with the switch on the upper right corner. These parameters will be marked similarly, as this text in the whole documentation.
More Settings / Default Options
More Settings / Default Options

Page background defaults

The Background size and Position settings will refer for the page background image settings, unless you change them on each page options.

Parallax defaults

With the Parallax sensitivity you can set how the mouse movement or device tilting will have effect for the parallax animation

Parallax center layers help to choose a center point for parallax content where all layers will be aligned perfectly according to their original position.

The Parallax center degree will set the base position, where the parallax movement will be in the base state on mobile devices.

When Reverse scroll direction is enabled, your layers will move in an opposite way.


When you change to another page then the layers of the previous page will be forced out with the given value of Forced animation duration.
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