Under the Misc tab you can find some advanced settings (You can leave them on default values in the most cases) and the preview image for the listing page.

The More Settings section contains hidden options which can be displayed separately. The main goal is to remove clutter from the user interface, since these options control overly specific features, or they meant to be used by experienced users. You can display these options with the switch on the upper right corner. These parameters will be marked similarly, as this text in the whole documentation.
More Settings / Misc
More Settings / Misc
The Allow restarting pages on resize parameter can help in rendering issues after browser resize. Some special layer transitions like Clip need to be recalculated.

You can also set a preview image for the popup. In this case it will appear in the popup list view. If you haven't set any here, the background image of the page slide will be use as thumbnail if set.

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