In this section you can find settings related for the stunning parallax effect. You can check it in more demo popups. If you would like to also have this effect for layers you need to set a value for the Parallax level option of the Layer under its Transition tab.

Parallax settings
Parallax settings

The Type of the parallax effect can be 2D or 3D.

Parallax can be triggered event by either scrolling the page, or by moving your mouse cursor / tilting your mobile device. This is the default value on this page, which parallax layers will inherit, unless you set it otherwise directly on them.

The Axis of the parallax movement can be also selected.

The Transform Origin also can be set, which means a point on canvas from which transformations are calculated. For example, a layer may rotate around its center axis or a completely custom point, such as one of its corners. The three values represent the X, Y and Z axes in 3D space. Apart from the pixel and percentage values, you can also use the following constants: top, right, bottom, left, center.

Move and Leave Duration is for how fast will the parallax layers move when you move your mouse.

The Distance parameter will increase or decrease the amount of layer movement when moving your mouse cursor or tilting on a mobile device.

With the Rotation will Increase or decrease the amount of layer rotation in the 3D space when moving your mouse cursor or tilting on a mobile device.

The Perspective parameter changes the perspective of layers in the 3D space.

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