In this section of the Page Options you can find settings which are related to the animations between two pages.

Page Timing and Transition
Page Timing and Transition

With Duration, you can set the time interval between page changes, this page will stay visible for the time specified here. This value is in millisecs, so the value 1000 means 1 second. Please don't use 0 or very low values.

The Time shift option you can control the timing of the layer animations when the popup changes to this page with a 3D/2D transition. Zero means that the layers of this page will animate in when the page transition ends. You can time-shift the starting time of the layer animations with positive or negative values.

By clicking on the Select transition button You can select your desired page transitions. There are many predefined transition here (more than 200+) separated into 2 categories, 2D and 3D. You can also select more than one. In this case a randomly selected transition will be used each time. If you hover on the transition name, then a sample will play in modal to show you how that current transition looks like.

You are also able to set Custom duration time for the page transition instead of the default one (1000ms).

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