Targets / Target Pages
Targets / Target Pages

Creative Popup is multistore compatible, so if you have more stores then you can target the popup using the Store option.

If your site is multilingual, here you can choose the Language of your popup.
Do you want to translate your popup to another language?
First go to the popups listing page and duplicate your popup. Open the new popup and translate your layers at Live Editor tab, finally go to Targets tab and select the translated language.

Do you want to show your popup only on specific categories, product pages or CMS pages? It's easy to control this with the Categories & Pages options.
On the first multi-select list the the root element is your home page, and as you can see deeper there are the categories and finally the products.
On the second multi-select list you can find the other default prestashop pages and also a list from the manufacturers. Moreover here are your CMS pages too.

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