Install the module from Back Office

This is the easiest method, but it may not work in certain cases. If it does not work, use the manual installation method presented further below:

In the Modules tab, click on Upload a module

Installation via addons dashboard
Install the Creative Popup from Addons manager step 1

Browse to open the dialogue box letting you search your computer and select the file or just drop your module to the upload area. If the installation is successful, the following message will appear:

Installation via addons dashboard step 2
Install the Creative Popup from Addons manager step 2

The module is successfully installed, now click on the Configure button to setup the module.

Install the module manually

Use this method if the manual installation does not work. It may seem tedious a priori for beginners, because it requires a certain amount of knowledge of FTP, etc., however it is no more complex and may even be more convenient because it works every time. In addition, the know-how required for the installation is quite basic and is something that all store managers should master.

Extract the archive

A module consists of a folder containing all of the files and folders that make up the module. All PrestaShop modules are provided in ZIP format. You must therefore extract the contents of the ZIP file to retrieve the module’s folder, because later we will only need this folder and its contents.

FTP Transfer

Transferring your module onto your hosting server is done using a protocol specially designed for transferring files over networks, called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To do this, you have two options:

Your webhost offers you, in the webhost administration panel, an interface allowing you to perform FTP transfer of your module. If this is the case, you must connect to it and complete the transfer of the module in your store’s folder/modules.

Your webhost gives you the access codes to your webhost’s FTP account, and you must use software called “FTP client” to finish the transfer.

Certain webhosts can propose both solutions simultaneously. It’s up to you to choose which one works best for you.

Install and configure the module

Once the module is placed in the server, you must install it into the store. Connect to your store’s Back Office, then open Improve / Modules, find the module and click on the button "Install". If the installation is successful, a message should appear indicated "Module Installed". Then click on the Configure button to setup the module.

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