The Image Carousel Widget allows you to add interesting galleries to your pages.

Image Carousel Widget
Image Carousel Widget

Content Tab

Carousel items

Add the images you want to display on your carousel.

  • Choose Image: You can choose an image from the media manager, or upload a new image.
  • Link to: Add the URL to the current item.
Carousel Settings
  • Slides to Show: Select the number of slides to show at one time, from 1 to 10, available for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Slides to Scroll: Set how many slides are scrolled per swipe.
  • Image Sretch: Select Yes or No.
  • Navigation: Choose to display navigation Arrows, Dots, Both or None.
Carousel Settings > Additional Options
  • Pause on Hover: Select whether or not to pause autoplay when a user interacts with the carousel. Yes or No.
  • Automatically: Choose Yes or No to rotate slides automatically.
  • Autoplay Speed: Set the time it takes for the next slide to start rotating. This time is in milliseconds, so 1000 ms is equal to 1 second.
  • Infinite Loop: Show carousel in a continuous loop, infinitely. Yes or No.
  • Animation Speed: Set the speed of slide animation, in milliseconds.
  • Direction: Choose to have the slides rotate from left or right.

Styles Tab

Navigation > Arrows
  • Arrows Position: Set the position of the arrows inside or outside the slider.
  • Arrows Size: Set the exact size of the arrows.
  • Arrows Color: Set the color of the arrows.
  • Arrows Background: Set the background color of the arrows.
Navigation > Dots
  • Dots Position Set the position of the dots inside or outside the slider.
  • Dots Size: Set the exact size of the dots.
  • Dots Color: Set the color of the dots.
  • Spacing: Set the spacing between slides. Choose Default (20px) or Custom (This option is only available if a quantity greater than 1 is chosen for Slides to Show on the Content tab).
  • Border Type: Set the type of border, choosing from None, Solid, Double, Dotted, Dashed, or Groove.
  • Border Radius: Set the border-radius, to control corner roundness.
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