Within the editor interface's top bar, you'll discover a convenient hamburger menu housing essential general settings, and a grid icon designed to unveil the widgets.

Live Editor hamburger menu 1
The top bar
Live Editor hamburger menu 2
Hamburger menu of the top bar

Global style

Default Colors
Configure your default color schemes and palettes effortlessly.
Default Fonts
Easily define primary and secondary headline fonts, along with body and accent text preferences.
Theme Style
Swiftly fine-tune Theme Style settings directly from the editor interface.


Global Settings
Adjust generic fonts, section and selector preferences, and lightbox configurations.
Module Settings
Access back office module settings directly from here for convenient adjustments.
About Creative Elements
Explore our seller page for detailed informations.


Choose between light or dark mode and tailor your user preferences to your liking.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Streamline your workflow with handy keyboard shortcuts.
View Page
Experience the frontend appearance by previewing your page's design.
Exit to Back Office
Return to the PrestaShop administrative backend.
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