The purpose of Creative Elements is to provide the fastest and most advanced page builder for PrestaShop. To achieve this, our module is built on the latest available technology. In order to use Creative Elements, your system must meet the following requirements. If you are unsure whether your server supports these requirements, we recommend contacting your host for clarification.

PrestaShop requirements

Creative Elements is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.4 or any newer version. While it also works with PrestaShop 1.6.0 or later, please note that these older versions have reached their official end of life. Continuing to use them may expose your site to security vulnerabilities and bugs.

Server configuration

PHP 5.6 - 8.1
Creative Elements currently supports PHP versions 5.6 through 8.1. As soon as PrestaShop adds support for higher PHP versions, our module will also accommodate them.
Creative Elements requires MySQL 5.0 or a newer version, as well as MariaDB 10.0 or a newer version.
Memory Limit
We recommend allocating as much memory as possible for optimal performance. While a minimum of 128 MB is preferred, a higher memory limit is highly beneficial.
X-Frame options
To prevent any potential editing issues, ensure that your X-Frame Options are set to "same origin."

Browsers compatibility

Creative Elements is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. However, please note that editing with Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. Pages built using Creative Elements will be displayed correctly in all major browsers.

Devices compatibility

Currently, it is only possible to use Creative Elements for editing purposes on desktop computers. Editing capabilities for mobile phones and tablets are not available at the moment.

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