The Image widget lets you add images to your pages, and design them visually using Creative Elements. Images play a vital role in web design, so you will most likely use the Image Widget a lot while designing your website. When you add the image widget to the page, the left panel opens the settings panel for that widget. This panel includes the content, style and advanced tab for the image widget. Let's go over all of the settings you can control for this widget.

Main areas
Image widget

Content Tab

  • Image -This is where you choose your image. Click on the frame and the Image Manager will pop up, letting you choose an existing image, or upload a new image.
  • Alignment -Align the image to the left, right or center of the Column.
  • Caption - - Add caption to the bottom of the image.
  • Link to -- Set a link to a URL, media file or have it stay with no link

Style Tab

  • Size -This is a scale control of the image. Scale it from 0-100 percent.
  • Opacity -Choose the opacity of the image, making it more transparent.
  • Hover animation - Choose a hover animation, so when the mouse hovers over the image the animation will start
  • Border type -Choose from none, solid, double, dotted or dashed
  • Border radius -Make the edges of the image rounder, or make the whole image a round
  • Box shadow -Add the box shadow effect to the image, and set the blur, spread, horizontal and vertical settings of the box shadow
  • Caption - Control the alignment, text color and typography of the caption
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